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A Cambodian Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A Cambodian Community

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Gap Year for Grown Ups in Cambodia [10 Jul 2009|02:23pm]

[ mood | good ]

For everyone who dreams of returning...

This may be your magic ticket - sort of. Click!



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Khmer Culture [30 Jan 2009|09:18pm]

I am trying to find someone who can speak Khmer, or knows a lot about Cambodian culture living in Dubai.  My children are adopted from Cambodia and it would be great if they could  meet someone firsthand who knows the country better than me.  Any suggestions welcome.
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Nice to meet you! [23 Jan 2009|04:32pm]

Hi everydody!

Now i`m living in Cambodia. Becouse of this i want to know more about country & khmer life. So, may be you can help me with it?

At first i need help with khmer kitchen. If you can give me some traditional recipes or link at site about it - it will be great!
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Diversity Lesson 101: LGBTQ Asians [07 Jan 2009|08:10pm]

Asians are considered racial minorities, but there is very little effort to include their people, customs, and or specific issues within the context of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Community. They are overshadowed by other races and rarely taken into account.

Learn more and share your experience, by checking out:
Diversity Lesson 101: LGBTQ Asians
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MUK - Khmer speaking American band! [30 Dec 2008|02:38pm]

They are AMAZING!!

Check them out during an interview on CTN here:  sokhmer.blogspot.com

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The Khmer Language [10 Dec 2008|06:47am]

For those of you in the community who are lucky enough to speak or have learnt it ... were you self taught, did you learn by speaking to street vendors, did you take lessons? How easy/difficult was it and what other languages did you already know that may have helped or hindered your progress?

My father is Cambodian and has recently moved back to Phnom Penh after 35 years of living abroad. I would love to be able to pick up Khmer to be able to speak to my family and communicate in a language that is part of my heritage. SOAS in London I notice, is giving Khmer lessons, I was wondering if it was worth taking them! Anyone want to join me in London?

--- Tanika
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Phanom Penh [10 Dec 2008|12:10am]

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Phnom Penh [10 Dec 2008|12:06am]

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www.angkorplace.com [12 Sep 2008|12:22pm]

More modern Khmer designs on T-Shirts! Pretty nifty! Lets show our pride... while lookin' fly!


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[30 Jun 2008|05:43pm]


I'm new here, and I feel bad that I would like to get something translated for my first post, but thats not the only reason I joined this community!

I spent 2 months in Cambodia recently, staying with Khmer friends and plan on going back at the start of next year. I'm going to be working with them and hopefully some of the Khmer community in Australia next year on a few projects which I'm really excited about. I also wish to learn fluent Khmer some time soon.

The thing I want translated was written by a Khmer, but I just want to to cross check it incase there was something lost in translation. I also touched it up a bit to look neater, so I just wanted to make sure I didn't change it so it doesn't make sense!!!

Khmer text behind this cut...Collapse )
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Sign translation [21 May 2008|08:33am]

could anyone translate this for me, please?Collapse )
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Khmer calligraphy... [08 May 2008|07:23pm]

Hi all, if anyone is talented in the area of khmer calligraphy, I would like to arrange a few words drawn in quite nice script. I saw the cover of an agriculture magazine out in Prey Veng a few months ago and I had to do a double take to see if it was written in Khmer or not; it was.

So, if someone can write calligraphy or knows an elder who can, would you be so kind as to contact me antifa7 *at* yahoo *dot* com?

I need the command form of smile (n'yn'yum, apologies for the butchery of transliteration) and the command 'be happy'. Jee-ah sabai?

Thanks in advance,

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A new member~ [01 May 2008|07:31pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello, everyone!

My name is Olivia. I am fourteen and I just returned from a trip to Cambodia with my school, The Overlake School in Redmond, Washington. A few years ago, we built a schoolhouse for elementary school students in Pailin and have been sister schools ever since. We recently returned there to install a satellite and computers, build a playground, and teach lessons for two weeks. It is definitely one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I was struck by the natural beauty and innate kindness of the schoolkids while I was there.

I have been pining after Cambodia ever since I left and cannot wait to go back as soon as possible. I had an amazing time.

I joined this community to be closer to a country and culture that I have come to love.


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Khmer Silk [10 Mar 2008|04:11pm]

Hello everyone... I'm new to the community, BUT was wondering if any of you had recommendations on where/how to purchase Khmer silk... for cheap! At this day and age, there's got to be some sort of website to buy these, right?

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

EDIT: I'm interested in 'pamoung', 'hole', and 'jawrabap'... but mainly 'pamoung'. Thanks again!
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uhhhh [13 Jan 2008|03:44pm]

anyone seen this page? imisskhmer.com

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Hi there ! [19 Nov 2007|06:17pm]

Hallo all ! 

I am new here and would like to find people from europe living in Cambodia.

Also I am interesed in possibilities to learn Khmer language 
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Counting information [11 Nov 2007|10:52am]

(Taken from my journal)

Number systems of the World is collecting how cultures count, and documents them in order of complexity. For example, Huli, from Papua New Guinea, have a system based on 15, (so 24 is 15+9 and 78 is 15*4+3). Nimbia is based on the 12, Ainu start counting down at 8 and 9 through a set of 10 (so 39 is (1 to 10) and (10 to 2 × 20)). Yoruba seem to do something similiar.

(End journal excerpt).

If you search for Khmer, it's referenced under Vietnamese, but there's no actual entry for Khmer. My knowledge of the language is really basic so I was wondering if there was anyone in this community who had the knowhow (and script on their computer) to submit an entry for Khmer?

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Khmer language question [15 Oct 2007|10:00pm]

How do I say the verb "to be"? Example. I am a student. Do I say, "Knyom niasuht" or do I say "Knyom ____ niasuht?"
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transcripted lyrics! [22 Sep 2007|12:30am]

Does anyone have transcripted lyrics to either Prum Manh's "Two wives are twice the problem" or Sin Sisamouth's "Don't let my girlfriend tickle me" or perhaps Ros Sereysothea's "Chnam oan 16"?

Or-kuhn ch'ran!
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[05 Jun 2007|12:45pm]

hello everyone. i'm writing to share this community with you dedicated to the khmer oldies singers of the 60s and 70s.
we have some videos and mp3's up that im sure many of you will appreciate.

khmer oldies community

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