Tani (T.S. "Marble" Harriet) (mewtopia) wrote in khmer_life,
Tani (T.S. "Marble" Harriet)

The Khmer Language

For those of you in the community who are lucky enough to speak or have learnt it ... were you self taught, did you learn by speaking to street vendors, did you take lessons? How easy/difficult was it and what other languages did you already know that may have helped or hindered your progress?

My father is Cambodian and has recently moved back to Phnom Penh after 35 years of living abroad. I would love to be able to pick up Khmer to be able to speak to my family and communicate in a language that is part of my heritage. SOAS in London I notice, is giving Khmer lessons, I was wondering if it was worth taking them! Anyone want to join me in London?

--- Tanika
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